Experience DiSC ® training like never before.


(Don’t worry, we won’t bore you with the theory; we’ll give you the facts.)


Experience DiSC ® training like never before.


(Don’t worry, we won’t bore you with the theory; we’ll give you the facts.)




Communicate Like Champs


Boost Team Morale


Big Business Wins


Drive profits higher


130 + businesses helped

450 + Everything DiSC Workplace ® Profiles debriefed

80 + workshops held

We're your People Paracetamol®

But don't just take our word for it!

People who love our Everything DiSC® Training & Workshops

I can't express enough how transformative our experience with Exceler8 has been! As a company striving for excellence in teamwork and communication, we sought out Exceler8’s services to enhance our understanding of interpersonal dynamics within our organisation. And boy, did they deliver! Utilising the profile, Exceler8 provided invaluable insights into our team members’ communication styles, behavioural tendencies and work preferences. This understanding has been pivotal in fostering an environment of collaboration and synergy.

Ashley Smith

Managing Director

Melissa is amazing—she has helped us through hiring new team members, coaching, and facilitating a DiSC workshop for our entire team, which gave everyone so many insights to work better together and more effectively.

Megan Hunt

Managing Director

I would recommend Exceler8 to any individual or workplace that values a team that can co-mingle and bring out the best in each other. Melissa has an excellent approach to profiling and uncovering the advantages of using the DiSC model. I came away with a better understanding of how I react to situations and people and how to use the DiSC model to improve my communication. This is an invaluable course and deserves five stars.

Christine Shield

Professional Pharmacy Services Manager

I recently had the pleasure of participating in a DiSC workshop facilitated by Melissa, and I must say it was a truly enlightening experience. I found the entire session to be a valuable journey into understanding my strengths and areas for personal development. Melissa skilfully guided us on how to leverage our unique strengths to improve communication, collaboration and overall effectiveness in professional and personal settings.

Kat Cheung


This is the second workshop I've done with Melissa, and they were both great experiences. Melissa’s approach to her workshops is incredibly engaging, with practical examples and interactive discussions. She can convey complex concepts in an easy-to-understand manner.
 The workshop provided valuable tools that I could immediately apply in both my professional and personal life. I highly recommend working with Melissa!

Lauren Moran

Business Development Manager

Our experience with Melissa from Exceler8 for DiSC profiling was exceptional. Her expertise and tailored approach provided invaluable insights into our team dynamics, greatly improving communication and productivity. Highly recommend her services for any business seeking to enhance teamwork and effectiveness.

Brett Cowan

Managing Director
Everything DiSC Workplace® Profiles:

Team transformation
made easy

Are you struggling with team conflict and miscommunication? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. It’s a common problem that drags down productivity and morale. If your team members don't understand each other’s work styles, you’ll probably experience misunderstandings, frustration and wasted effort. These issues can quickly escalate, causing stress and reducing your team’s effectiveness. Plus—let’s face it—it takes all the ‘fun’ out of work.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

With our Everything DiSC Workplace® profiles you'll:

  • Discover an effective solution to transform team dynamics
  • Unlock insights into your team’s personalities and work styles
  • Improve communication
  • Boost collaboration
  • Build leadership capability. 

Say goodbye to conflict and hello to a functioning, high-performing and harmonious team.

DiSC Workshops Brisbane - Exceler8 - HR Consulting
exceler8-DiSC-leadership-assessment (3) 

No two teams are the same

Everything DiSC Workplace profiling is like having a secret decoder for your team's personalities and dynamics. It's all about unlocking their potential, smoothing out communication wrinkles and paving the way for incredible collaboration and business success. Even if you've tried DiSC® before, you haven’t experienced it like this. Our profiling is upbeat, engaging and scarily accurate—nothing like the cookie-cutter assessments you've experienced in the past. Get ready to transform your team in ways you never thought possible!

Are these issues causing your HR headaches?

exceler8 - DiSC Profiling - HR Headaches

Team conflict

Ongoing disagreements are disrupting productivity.

Poor communication

Team members are struggling to understand each other.

Low engagement

Disengaged employees who aren’t motivated.

Ineffective leadership

New managers are struggling to lead and inspire their teams.

Change resistance

Your team pushes back at the introduction of new processes or systems.

Remote team issues

You face challenges maintaining connection and productivity in hybrid or remote teams.

These challenges are common

But they won't change unless you act. Ignoring them only allows them to fester, decreasing productivity and morale and, ultimately, reducing business profitability.

It's time to address these issues head-on! With the right approach, you can transform your team into a high-performing powerhouse, boosting profitability and tackling any challenge that comes your way.

DiSC workshops in Brisbane - Exceler8 HR V2 (2)

Unlock the DiSC® difference

Whether you're new to DiSC or have experienced other models, get ready for a game-changer. Our Everything DiSC Workplace® profiling isn't just another assessment; it's a dynamic tool that goes beyond surface-level insights, providing personalised strategies for lasting transformation.

DiSC Workshops Brisbane - Exceler8 (3) (1)
  • 1. Communicate like champs

    Improve team communication with tailored insights that make understanding and collaboration easier. When your team is on the same page, everything runs smoother.

  • 2. Boost team mojo

    Uncover and leverage individual strengths to enhance team productivity and morale. A harmonious team isn’t just happier—it’s more effective and efficient.

  • 3. Business wins big

    Drive business success with a cohesive team that’s aligned, engaged and ready to tackle any challenge. Better teamwork means better results for your business.

  • 4. Drive higher profits

    Achieve the financial success you’ve been dreaming of! Boosted efficiency, motivation and collaboration lead to increased productivity and higher profits.



144+ workshop participants surveyed

93% of participants recommend us

90% rate their engagement 8/10 or higher!


Deep personal insights

Our profiles go beyond basic personality traits, offering rich, data-driven insights into each team member’s unique dynamics. This depth ensures more meaningful and actionable takeaways.

DiSC Workshops Brisbane - Exceler8 - HR Consulting

Engaging experiences

Our lively, interactive workshops will keep everyone engaged from start to finish. Attendees consistently praise the high energy and applicability of our sessions.

DiSC Workshops Brisbane - Exceler8 (5)

Lasting impacts

Not only do you get follow-up tools that keep learning alive, but your team’s profile becomes a ‘back-pocket document’ they constantly use, ensuring lasting improvements in communication and teamwork.

How does it work?



Simply complete our quick and easy online form to get started.



We’ll reach out to explore the workshop details and finalise your booking with payment.



Watch as your team becomes more cohesive, productive and engaged!

Quick DiSC® facts

Everything DiSC Workplace® workshops suit organisations and teams of all shapes and sizes.

Workshops can be a half or full day.

Before the workshop, team members complete a personalised Everything DiSC assessment via an online portal.

During the workshop, the profiles come to life through an experience that engages and educates.

After the workshop, you’ll receive a suite of follow-up resources that help make lasting behaviour changes possible.

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See the difference yourself!

What people are saying

'Extremely '

‘The activities of identifying different types with the group was great.’

‘Well-spaced and relevant exercises. Great knowledge and application to real situations.’

'The presentation was engaging and covered off my expectations.'

‘Really engaging and informative, and it was fun getting to know everyone and how they work.’

‘You kept it upbeat, fun and entertaining.’

‘Very enthusiastic presentation and quite engaging.’

‘Well facilitated, great pace, very approachable.’

'The facilitation of DiSC out of the three sessions I've attended from different providers in the last decade'

Ready to transform
your team?

You’ve read the benefits and seen the feedback, and now it’s time to take action. Don’t let this opportunity slip away. Your dream team is just a click away—let’s make it happen together.

More about DiSC®

Everything DiSC® profiling goes beyond basic personality traits, providing deep insights tailored to your team's dynamics. With our model, you’ll understand individual preferences and learn practical strategies to improve communication, collaboration and overall team performance. The result? More effective teamwork, fewer conflicts and a boost in productivity, leading to a more functional, successful and profitable business environment.

By participating in our Everything DiSC workshops, your team will gain valuable insights into their behaviour and preferences and those of their colleagues. This understanding fosters empathy, enhances communication and promotes a culture of mutual respect, leading to increased productivity, stronger team cohesion, and ultimately, better business results. Want to know the best bit? You’ll have a more harmonious and efficient workplace where everyone feels understood, valued and motivated to contribute their best efforts toward achieving shared goals.

Absolutely! Whether you’re a small startup or a large corporation, and regardless of your industry, our DiSC® profiling or workshops are designed to meet the unique needs of your team. Our flexible and adaptable approach ensures relevance and effectiveness in any organisational context. This means you can confidently invest in a tool that scales with your business, providing tailored insights and strategies, no matter your team’s size or industry, supporting growth and success across the board.

The impact will be felt immediately, with participants gaining valuable insights and actionable strategies from the very first workshop session. As teams apply their newfound understanding in daily interactions, you’ll notice improvements in communication, collaboration, and overall team dynamics, leading to tangible business outcomes in the short and long term.

Our commitment to your team doesn’t end with the workshop. We provide a range of follow-up resources and support tools to ensure that the positive changes initiated during the workshop are sustained over time. This continued access to tools and guidance reinforces the workshop’s impact, empowering your team to maintain and build upon their newfound skills, ensuring long-term success and growth for you, your team and your business.

We offer a transparent pricing structure where you pay for the profiles per participant. This structure ensures that you only invest in what you need, without hidden fees or unnecessary expenses.

We offer competitive rates for workshops accommodating up to 15–17 people, and we look at options if your team size exceeds this range. Our goal is to provide exceptional value and flexibility, allowing you to experience the transformative benefits of Everything DiSC Workplace without breaking the bank and ensuring you receive maximum value and ROI from your DiSC experience.