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Overcome challenges, create a thriving business, and find balance in your life with professional coaching that supports your goals.

Business Coaching

Unlock the confidence to succeed

Consistent guidance, support and resources to move you beyond managing people to leading with confidence, influence and impact.

Coaching that motivates your team to reach their full potential so they’re working together to help your business perform at its best. 

Detangle your business chaos with systemised goodness that delivers high-quality outcomes for your team and customers every day.

Transform your existing business into a compliant organisation that delivers transformational outcomes that really matter to your clients.

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Hi, I'm Katrina!

I’m a Brisbane business coach who supports business owners and leaders to build teams and businesses that thrive.

If you’ve been feeling disorganised, frustrated or out of your depth, you’re not alone. Even the most experienced business owners and leaders battle these feelings. I’ve battled these feelings. And, I know first-hand how the overwhelm builds and despite everything you do, you still feel like you’re not getting anywhere. The truth is, not everything about running a business comes naturally. Certain things drain your energy and impact your professional and personal life. 

So, what's the secret? How do you overcome these feelings to become the best leader you can be? What does it take to have a thriving team, a profitable business and success in the areas that matter most to you? I believe the answer is clarity, connectedness and systems. With these three elements, I’ll help you unblock your pathway, unlock your potential and build an impactful business that you enjoy running.

Succeed at

your highest level

Business Coach Brisbane - Client - Kathy Rees

Katrina is calm yet incredibly focused on ways to assist teams to be the best they possibly can.  She not only 'walks the talk' in her commitment towards effective and strong teams, but 'talks the talk' and 'walks the walk' as well.  She can clearly explain why she is taking a certain approach with team members and also provides professional input into what needs to be done to achieve positive outcomes for the organisation or business that she is working with at the time.  I definitely recommend her to everyone that I meet!"

Business Coaching Brisbane - Client - Louise Williams

Katrina is a powerhouse of knowledge, strategy and intuition that enables her to provide so much value to her clients. Her calm and engaging manner puts anyone at ease, and her witty sense of humour helps her to build rapport quickly! Katrina is one of these amazing women who has a gentle disposition, but she is an absolute master in her leadership of others. She brings so much value and goes above and beyond for those around her.

Imagine having a

business coach who...

  • Helps you find the confidence to see opportunities in your business instead of the challenges. 

  • Supports you to better understand your blind spots, overcome your leadership weaknesses and leverage your strengths.

  • Encourages you to show up as an impactful leader, step outside your comfort zone and inspire others to be the best they can be.

  • Helps you put in place the systems, policies and procedures to guide your day-to-day operations, keeping you compliant and delivering consistently exceptional outcomes for customers and clients.

  • Keeps you on the front foot with a roadmap and action plan that guides your next steps and accelerates the results you’re seeking.

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Wouldn't it be great

to finally feel...









Free Team Scorecard

Are your team members the best they can be?

Are you ready to find out the five areas you need to focus on to help your team be the best they can be? Complete our free team scorecard and in minutes you'll know how to build a team who helps your business thrive.

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Find the clarity

to achieve your goals

Choosing to work with a business coach means you're ready for change.  You no longer want to feel stuck or chained to your business. You want to feel clear, confident and in control. Whether you're a small or medium-sized business owner, manager, CEO or board member, my business coaching services will support and guide you to:

  • Enhance your approach to leadership so you feel confident in your capabilities and decision-making.

  • Get your life back by detangling the challenges in your business and making it run more efficiently.

  • Transform your business including how you operate, prioritise and support your team so you can grow in the ways that matter most.

  • Make the best of your time in the business by uncovering what you love and outsourcing what you don’t.

Working together is as

easy as 1, 2, 3

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Step One

Your Clarity Session

If you've never worked with a business coach before, this is the perfect opportunity to find out what it's all about. The session is free and only costs a small amount of your time. Even if we decide not to move forward, you'll walk away with valuable insights that you can use in your business today.

Coaching for small business owners - NewSky Consulting
Step Two

Your Proposal

Now that I know more about what’s going on in your business and what’ you’d like to achieve, I’ll send you a proposal. Inside, you’ll find everything you need to know about what’s included, how we’ll work together and of course, the cost of your business coaching investment.

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Step Three

Let's get started

Congratulations! It’s much easier to stay stuck and not change, than it is to invest in the help you need. With business coaching, your pathway will become clearer and you’ll no longer feel frustrated and overwhelmed to do it all and to have all the answers. We’re in this together.